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Who We Are


AppalCART is Watauga County's Public Transportation Authority since 1981 in which we are committed to keeping the High Country moving. Our services began as Appalachian Campus Area Rapid Transit, and thus, it became AppalCART. Initial services began in 1980, but AppalCART became the official and first bus transit system for Boone, North Carolina in 1981.

Our priorities are to provide safe, reliable, and courteous service to our passengers. 

AppalCART Building.jpg

Our Mission

AppalCART provides sustainable, high-quality transportation services.

Our Services

AppalCART provides 13 fare-free, fixed bus routes, and 10 routes via our van services (Paratransit, Rural General Public, and Project on Aging). 


Image Credit: The Appalachian, V. Fortea 2018

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