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Accessibility on Fixed Route


Destination Signs

Our buses are equipped with digital destination signs that indicate the bus route and the next stop on the bus route.


Automatic Stop Announcements

Our buses also have automatic announcers that announce the stop that the bus is approaching. The destination sign along with the announcer informs the passengers the name of the stop that the bus is approaching.

Kneeling Suspension

Kneeling suspension allows the front part of the bus to lower for riders who have difficulty stepping on or off the bus.

Please inform the bus operator if you need them to lower the bus for you. 


Wheelchair Ramps

All of AppalCART’s buses have wheelchair ramps to enable the use of wheelchairs, power chairs, and other mobility devices. These ramps unfold at the front of the bus.

If you are using a manual wheelchair and need assistance getting up or down the ramp, ask the operator for help.

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