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FIxed Route
Bus Service

AppalCART provides fare-free bus service to locations with the Town of Boone and Watauga County, North Carolina. Most stops are within the Town of Boone limits with our other services providing transportation access to locations and individuals outside of Boone. 

Our fixed bus routes provide access to numerous location within Boone. The routes service Appalachian State University campus, numerous apartment complexes within Boone, Downtown Boone, community outreach locations, and Boone business and shopping locations.


View our Route Maps and Schedules for more information as to if our routes provide the services you need. Our routes are essential to our public transportation service and are the basis for our other transportation options.  

AppalCART Bus Route Schedules

For specific schedule times, please visit the Route Maps and Schedules page for individual route times. 

AppalCART provides fixed bus route services year-round with services being provided in conjunction with Appalachian State University (ASU) operation dates. 

Our routes run most regularly during Appalachian State University's Fall and Spring semesters. During these times, the Night Owl routes are also available. 

Our Break Schedule routes run in the Winter and Summer on specified break schedules. The Winter and Summer Break schedules begin after Appalachian State's Fall and Spring semester ends; Winter Break Schedule begins following the Fall semester, and the Summer Break Schedule begins following the Spring semester. Break Schedule routes are also provided when ASU is on a holiday break. For ASU holidays, see the current year academic calendar provided by the Office of the Registrar. 

AppalCART will provide notice of Break Schedule routes via our News and Updates page.

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