AppalCART provides Rural Services to those outside of the Town of Boone limits and within Watauga County. All routes are open to the public, and specific fare-free routes are available to those who qualify with Project on Aging. Contact our Dispatch Office (828.297.1300) to request rural route services.

If you are interested in accessing the in-town bus service but live outside of the town limits, consider using our Rural Service as part of your commute.


County Van Service

In-Town Bus Stop

Enjoy Fare-Free Bus Commute

Even if you do not live within walking or biking distance from our in-town bus routes, you may still go into town by utilizing our Rural Van Service. 

  1. Simply, call our dispatch office and let them know your desired pick-up location.

  2. Dispatch office will send a van to your area by the schedule listed below.

  3. Arrive at the Walmart bus stop and begin using the in-town bus service as part of your commute.

  4. To leave town, you will take the bus back to the Walmart stop and be picked up by one of our vans and taken back to your residence or desired drop-off location within the county. 

Rural Services

Rural Service Schedule 
Morning Rural Service Schedule                               Fares
Afternoon Rural Service Schedule                           Fares

NOTE: Times may vary due to pick-up location and passenger load. 


AppalCART can pick you up from a location outside of the town limits and take you to the Boone Walmart Bus Stop. If you wish to go to other destinations in Boone, you will have to use the fixed bus routes or Paratransit service from the Walmart Bus Stop. To return to your destination in the county, you must return to the Walmart Bus Stop for your return trip. 

For Watauga Opportunities clients, pick-up and drop-off locations can include Watauga Opportunities.  

Project on Aging (POA)

AppalCART provides specific routes in partnership with the Watauga County Project on Aging. These routes are fare-free for those that qualify through POA, and are open to the public for a $1 - $2 fee. To qualify, you must 60 years old or older and contact Project on Aging (828.265.8090). Transportation provided is from your home to the Project on Aging Senior Center, your doctor's appointment, and/or a grocery store within Boone.


The departure time from Boone is  9:00 AM - 9:15 AM with pickup times between 9:30 AM -10:00 AM and a drop-off time at POA between 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM. For the afternoon, this service has a Boone departure time of 2:00 PM with pickup times at POA between 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM, and drop-off times at your home between 3:00 pm - 3:30 PM. Times can vary due to passenger load. 

Transportation Through Department of Social Services (DSS)

The Department of Social Services sponsors transportation for individuals who are Elderly and/ or Disabled. This partnership allows those who are registered with DSS to receive free transportation. 

To learn more about this service, please contact the Department of Social Services at 828.265.8100 and ask about Elderly and Disabled Transportation Services.