Paratransit Service

AppalCART provides a Paratransit service with our wheelchair-accessible vans. Paratransit services operate within 3/4 of a mile from our fixed bus routes. For services within Watauga County, explore our Rural Services. Paratransit services are fare-free, and there is an eligibility process.

Paratransit Services are provided by AppalCART under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These services provide equal access to those whose disabilities limit them from using AppalCART's fixed bus routes. Our vans have ADA features that provide increased accessibility for passengers (visit the Accessibility tab for more information). Paratransit Services are available on the same days and hours of operation as AppalCART's fixed bus routes, and passengers should expect "shared-ride" service on our vans. Other passengers will board and depart vans while you are riding. 


To request services, please contact our Dispatch Office (828.297.1300) to make a reservation at least one day in advance and up to seven days in advance. You should be ready 30 minutes in advance of your pick-up time, as our policy is a 5 minute wait time. 


A "No-Show" in Paratransit Service is classified as not canceling your trip within at least an hour of your pickup time, turning down a ride at the door, or no one being present at your residence when AppalCART arrives. If there are 3 "No-Shows" within a 30 day period, transportation may be suspended for up to 30 days. 


AppalCART follows PASS and ADA policies to ensure passenger rights and safety are upheld. 

Our drivers will provide reasonable assistance from your pickup location to your dropoff location unless unsafe conditions (such as weather) are present. Drivers are not allowed to enter a private residence or escort a customer beyond the front door of a private residence or any public building. Drivers cannot leave sight of their AppalCART vehicle. Additionally, drivers cannot pull or push battery-operated wheelchairs, perform errands for customers, assist with packages, or perform any personal care assistance.  

Passengers are not to conduct disruptive behavior while onboard. Eating, drinking, or use of any tobacco product onboard an AppalCART vehicle and riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs are prohibited. Passengers must also maintain acceptable standards of hygiene. 

Passengers are only permitted to bring 3 packages, such as grocery bags, to carry what is possible in one trip. Excessive packages or bags cannot be accommodated. Packages are not to be left unattended in AppalCART vehicles. 

For more detailed information on the Paratransit service, you may access our Paratransit Rider's Guide linked below.

Need to determine if your location is within the parameter of our Paratransit service?
Use the web map linked in the picture below.

To determine your location eligibility, search your address in the search bar in the top right of the screen. When your address is located with the blue dot, determine if you are within the green area. The green area represents a 3/4 of a mile from a fixed route, indicating AppalCART's Paratransit Service Extent.


If your location is within the green area of our Paratransit Service Extent, you qualify for Paratransit service.

If your location is not within the green area, please contact our Dispatch Office (828.297.1300) for information on how our other services could provide the transportation you need.

Paratransit Service Extent Web Map

Paratransit application

If you believe you are eligible and would like to apply to receive our complimentary paratransit service, our paratransit application is linked below.