AppalCART Board

The AppalCART Board oversees the operation of the paratransit and fixed route systems in Watauga County. Eight members comprise the board. Members of the AppalCART Board must be appointed by the Watauga County Commissioners.  All members must reside within the territorial jurisdiction of AppalCART. The AppalCART Board has a wide variety of members representing various interests and occupations in the community.

Our Board Members

Chair - Quint David

Boone, NC


Member- Connie Ulmer

Boone Town Council

Joe Eller Photo.jpg

Member-Joe Eller

User Representative

Vice Chair - Barry Sauls

Boone, NC

Member- Angie Boitnotte

Project on Aging


Member - Charlie Wallin Commissioner

Member - David Jackson At-Large

John Eckman Photo.jpg

Member- John Eckman

ASU Representative

Board Inquiries may be made at the following address -