Game Day 

In addition to the regular routes on Saturday (Green, Pop 105, and Red), AppalCART will run the Purple, Orange, and State Farm Routes during select times when Appalachian State hosts a football game. The schedules are provided below. Each of these routes will begin 5 hours before kickoff and cease running 2 hours after the game has ended

Purple Game Day Schedule


Orange Game Day Schedule


State Farm Game Day Schedule


Orange Game Day
State Farm Game Day
Purple Game Day

When Appalachian State football hosts a game on a day other than Saturday, and if all Appalachian State classes are canceled, AppalCART will follow the special Saturday schedules.

If classes are not canceled, AppalCART will run the normal schedule for that day and game day after 10 pm

Paratransit Service and Parking Shuttles on Game Day

Two paratransit vehicles and one bus will shuttle passengers between the Stadium and the Hill Street Parking lot behind the Convocation Center. These routes begin 5 hours before the game starts and run until the 4th Quarter. At the beginning of the 4th Quarter, a bus (with mobility device ramps) will be stationed outside of the East Gate at the Stadium to transport paratransit passengers to the Hill Street Parking lot for 2 hours after the game ends or until gates are closed. Paratransit vehicles will be running until Stadium Drive is blocked near the end of the fourth quarter and will resume after Stadium Drive is open.

On home game days, AppalCART also operates a shuttle connecting the Human Services Center (132 Poplar Grove Connector) and the Peacock Traffic Circle.