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TransLoc App Assistance

Below are videos that will assist in learning how to use our latest real-time passenger information app by TransLoc. We appreciate your patience as we continue setting up this new system to better serve you.

AppalCART / TransLoc
AppalCART has partnered with TransLoc for our Real-Time Passenger Information System.

The above video is a quick tutorial for using the AppalCART real-time passenger information app by TransLoc. If you need additional help navigating our system, check out our other posts on How to View Messages in the TransLoc app (video is included below), or visit our Live Transit page on our website (under the Routes and Schedules tab).

The TransLoc app features messages where you can find important route information. Follow these 3 easy steps to know the latest on your route!

🚌 (1) Open the app and select Me

🚌 (2) Tap the message bubble in the right corner

🚌 (3) Select the announcement to read

✔ AppalCART will post the latest updates here!

Stay informed of route changes through the TransLoc app, our social media (Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook), and our website (

For direct and additional assistance with the app, feel free to call our office at 828.297.1300.

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