Kensington Meadows Stop Relocation

Updated: May 6

Public Service Announcement

Service to Old Bristol Road will end June 30, 2022. AppalCART will remove the remaining stop on Old Bristol Rd (Kensington Meadows) and locate a new stop near 2742 US 421 to replace the stop.

The change is a result of travel becoming more hazardous for a bus on Old Bristol Rd. Also, due to the narrow travel way on Old Bristol Rd, buses are unable to serve Old Bristol Road for extended periods of time after heavy snowfalls. The Kensington Meadows property owner has worked with AppalCART staff to identify a suitable new location for the stop and has obtained written consent from the owners of 2742 US 421 to locate an AppalCART stop.

Please look for the AppalCART Bus Stop sign beginning on July 1, 2022.

Area near 2742 US 421 new AppalCART Bus Stop Location.