How is AppalCART Keeping Riders Safe?

AppalCART Measures To Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

In addition to standard AppalCART cleaning and upkeep, we have taken the following additional precautionary measures in response to the evolving COVID-19 epidemic:

  • Spraying and wiping bus and van “touch” areas - door handles, seatbacks, and hold rails multiple times each day with commercial disinfecting spray.

  • Spraying and wiping door handles, common areas, and surfaces throughout AppalCART building facilities twice a day with commercial disinfectant.

  • Providing sanitizing wipes for AppalCART staff, including bus operators.

  • Use of sanitizing pumps throughout AppalCART facilities.

  • Making masks available to all employees and passengers.

  • Glove distribution to all operators.

  • Spot sanitizing on buses throughout the day.

  • Separation barrier installed to promote additional social distancing behind bus operator at the rear of the wheel well.

  • Deep cleaning the entire fleet and facilities.

  • Increasing ventilation on our buses by opening vents and windows.

We want all of our passengers to feel safe while utilizing our service and know that we are taking measures to prevent the spread of disease or viruses on our vehicles.

Please maintain social distancing guidelines while using our service (6 feet from other passengers and drivers.

For more information concerning steps to prevent the Coronavirus, go to