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Fall Schedule

Appalcart will begin the Fall Schedule on Monday, August 21, 2023. There are a few changes, so be sure to look at the system map and schedules on the website.

Gray Route - The old State Farm Route has a new name.

State Farm Lot Shuttle - This is a new route serving the State Farm Lot on Friday and Sunday nights.

Orange Route - Perkinsville Road will now be served by the Orange Route. Due to staffing shortages the Orange Route will not be available starting August 21. We will bring the Orange back once staffing levels allow.

Wellness District - The Finmore stop will now have access to the Wellness District Route. The route is now a 20 minute route instead of 15 minutes. Boone Heights 1 and 2 will no longer be served by this route.

NC 105 Lot Shuttle - The last bus will leave the lot at 12:00 am.

Red Route - Watauga Law Enforcement Center is no longer served by the Red Route.

Green Route - The NC 105 Lot will be served all day by the Green Route.

Night Owl Routes will begin running Thursday, August 24th.

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