What is Paratransit?

Para-transit is a required program of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide equal access to those persons whose disabilities prevent them from riding AppalCART's in-town bus routes.

The AppalCART in-town route buses are "lift equipped" or "low floor" to make them accessible to persons with wheelchairs or disabilities that are limited by steps. The newer buses are also "talking buses" to assist those with visual disabilities.

To qualify for para-transit service your disability should make travel on the in-town bus impossible or substantially difficult, not merely inconvenient or slightly difficult.

Paratransit generally serves only those individuals who are unable to get from their home to the nearest bus stop or from a bus stop to their chosen destination.

Standards of Operation:

Paratransit service is available on the same days and hours or operations as AppalCART's in-town bus routes and within 3/4 mile of AppalCART's in-town routes.

Please expect "shared-ride" service. Others may be picked up after or dropped off before you. This is still a bus trip, not a taxi; please allow ample time to reach your destination or appointments.


Reservations for service must be made at least 1 day in advance and may be made up to 7 days in advance.

Except for a stop to fill a prescription after a doctor's visit, last minute changes to your travel schedule will not be possible.

Will-call pickups will be available for doctors visits only, not on shopping trips, Wal-Mart, etc. We will work you into the schedule for pickup as quickly as possible.

Reservation Hours Are:

Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM, Saturday from 8AM to 3PM, and Sunday, 12PM to 3 PM.

Answering Machine:

Please do not leave reservations on the answering machine as they will not be accepted, please leave only your name and telephone number; we will call you to make your reservations.


Pick-Up Time  Wait Time:

You should be ready 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled pick-up time.

Example: If your pick-up time is 9:00AM, AppalCART could arrive as early as 8:30AM and still be considered on-time.

As a courtesy to other passengers, please be ready. AppalCART has a 5-minute wait time.

Example: If your scheduled pick-up time is 9:00AM and AppalCART arrives at 8:30AM the driver will blow the horn and the van will only wait 5 minutes. If the passenger does not board the vehicle in the 5-minute wait time, the trip will be cancelled and recorded as a no-show.

Driver Assistance:

Drivers will provide reasonable assistance from your pick-up location to your drop-off location unless unsafe conditions exist, for example snow or ice covered porches or sidewalks.

If unsafe conditions exist, unfortunately AppalCART may not be able to provide service.

Drivers Are Not Allowed To:

Enter a private residence or escort customer beyond the front door of any private residence or the front door of any publilc building.

Leave sight of the AppalCART Vehicle.

Pull or push a battery operated wheelchair.

Perform errands for customers, such as picking up prescriptions, paying bills or checking mail. Assist with packages such as groceries or boxes.

Perform any personal care assistance, such as assisting with dressing or help with medical equipment.

Drivers are not allowed to wait for customers to make stops or conduct business, such as ATM machines, pharmacy, or video stores.


Due to space limitations, riders are only permitted to carry 3 packages (grocery bags), i.e., what you can carry on and off in one trip.

Excessive packages or bags cannot be accomodated. If you are going shopping and anticipate carrying more than 3 small packages (grocery bags), other arrangements should be made.

Packages are not to be left unattended in AppalCART vehicles.

No Shows:

Failue to cancel your scheduled trip with AppalCART at least 1 hour in advance of your pick-up time is considered a no-show

Turning down a ride at the door or no one is at home when AppalCART arrives is also considered a no-show

After 3 no-shows in a 30 day period of time, transportation may be suspended for up to 30 days.

Seatbelt Use And Wheelchair Securement:

In order to serve you safely, AppalCART requires that all passengers use a seatbelt. AppalCART and ADA policy requires that your drivers use 4 straps on all wheelchairs.

Wheelchair passengers are also required to use seat belts. If the wheelchair is not equipped with a seatbelt one will be provided.

Rules To Ride By:

No disruptive behavior.

No eating, drinking, or use of any tobacco products on board AppalCART's vehicles. No riding under the influence of alcohol or illeagal drugs.

Maintain acceptable standards of hygiene.