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Free Transportation to COVID-19 Vaccine Site at Watauga County Recreation Center

Do you have an appointment to get your COVID-19 vaccine and need transportation to your appointment?


AppalCART is happy to assist with free transportation to and from your COVID-19 vaccine appointment at the Watauga County Recreation Center.


Just contact our dispatch office at (828) 297-1300!

Temporary Night Owl Schedule Changes Beginning February 4, 2020

In an effort to better utilize our resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible, AppalCART will be temporarily changing the operating hours of the Night Owl routes beginning Thursday, February 4, 2021. The Night Owl Pop 105, Night Owl Express, and Night Owl Gold routes will close at 12 am each night (The Night Owl operates on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights during the fall and spring semesters.).  AppalCART closely monitored ridership during the fall 2020 semester.  A recent analysis of our ridership and surveys completed by passengers utilizing the Night Owl service indicates significantly lower demand after midnight. This is a temporary move due to the COVID-19 event and we hope to resume the full service in the fall of 2021.


AppalCART Board Meeting, February 22, 2021

The August AppalCART Board meeting  is scheduled for Monday, February 22, 2021 at 3:00 pm. Due to a continued need for social distancing measures associated with the COVID-19 event, the Board will be unable to meet as group at our facility.  However, we have made arrangements to conduct the meeting via a Zoom meeting.


Individuals who wish to address the Board during remote public participation or view the meeting can do so through Zoom either online or by phone. If you wish to provide public comment or view the meeting, email Director Craig Hughes at director@appalcart.com or call at 828-297-1300 ext 104 and you will be provided an invitation to the meeting. All registrations must be completed by 12:00 pm on the day of the meeting.

AppalCART Face Masks Requirement Policy As Required By the Transportation Security Administration

As the COVID-19 event lingers, AppalCART along with the federal government wants to take all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and passengers.  In an effort to reduce the likelihood of transmitting the COVID-19 virus while on an AppalCART vehicle, all passengers and employees are required to wear a face mask on AppalCART vehicles or while in public areas of transportation hubs/facilities controlled by AppalCART (such as for the purposes of purchasing passes, waiting areas, and platforms for boarding and disembarking).   

Note: A properly worn mask completely covers the nose and mouth of the wearer.  A mask should be secured to the head, including with ties or ear loops.  A mask should fit snugly, but comfortably against the side of the face.  Masks do not include face shields.  Masks can be either manufactured or homemade and should be a solid piece of material without slits, exhalation valves, or punctures.  Medical masks and N-95 respirators fulfill the requirement. 

Face masks will not be required for those who are under 2 years of age, or who cannot wear a face mask due to a medical or behavioral condition.

If a passenger refuses to wear a mask and does not have a qualifying exception, drivers are to take the following actions:

1. Deny boarding;

2. Make best efforts to disembark the individual as soon as practicable; or

3. Make best efforts to remove the individual from the transportation hub/facility.


Drivers will notify the AppalCART Dispatch office and they will contact local law enforcement to remove passengers from vehicles or facilities for those who refuse to comply and do not qualify for an exception. Incidents that require assistance from law enforcement will be reported to the Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC) at 1-866-615-5150 or 1-703-563-3240 in accordance with 49 CFR 1570.203


Passengers will be notified of the mask requirement by posting notices on vehicles and in passenger areas.  Passengers will also be informed when purchasing passes, booking transportation, and at the time the vehicle departs its location after boarding passengers of the following:


  1. Federal law requires wearing a mask while on the vehicle and failure to comply may result in denial of boarding or removal.

  2. Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law.


We appreciate the patience and compliance of all of our passengers as we work to provide the safest transportation possible.​

AppalCART Measures To Prevent  the Spread of the Coronsavirus o Night Owl until Thursday,

In addition to standard AppalCART cleaning and upkeep, we have taken the following additional precautionary measures in response to the evolving COVID-19 epidemic:   


  • spraying and wiping bus and van “touch” areas - door handles, seat backs, and hold rails multiple times each day with commercial disinfecting spray.


  • spraying and wiping door handles, common areas, and surfaces throughout AppalCART building facilities twice a day with commercial disinfectant. 


  • providing sanitizing wipes for AppalCART staff including bus operators.


  • Use of sanitizing pumps throughout AppalCART facilities.


  • Making masks available to all employees and passengers.


  • Glove distribution to all operators.


  • Spot sanitizing on buses throughout the day.


  • Separation barrier installed to promote additional social distancing behind bus operator at rear of wheel well.


  • Deep cleaning the entire fleet and facilities.

  • Increasing ventilation on our buses by opening vents and windows.

We want all of our passengers to feel safe while utilizing our service and to know that we are taking measures to prevent the spread of disease or viruses on our vehicles.

Please maintain social distancing guidelines while using our service (6 ft from other passengers and drivers.

For more information concerning steps to prevent the Coronavirus, go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention-treatment.html .

AppalCART Is Hiring!

AppalCART accepting applications for safe and courteous drivers.  Employment information can found here.

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